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Hidden SIP Settings on VR16000V

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4 Days ago I transfered from TPG ADSL2+ to TPG NBN (FTTN) vDSL. On my old ADSL2+ router, I was running a personal VoIP ( Mynetfone ) SIP Account, that I still have and would like to reconfigure on the new router. I was on the phone with TPG support for well over 1hr, only to find out that the new vDSL router that TPG sent out (VR1600V), for some reason has hidden the SIP settings in it's locked SW build. The TPG tech told me to ring TPLink direct and request a "Super User" password to display the settings that I needed. After 40min on the phone with TPLink, they told me that they couldn't give it out and to call back TPG and ask to speak to a more Senior Tech. I did but they said no again. How do I now configure my SIP account, if I can't get to the SIP settings ? The router has this capabilty in it's unlocked state.


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For security reasons, the home phone component of your TPG NBN Fibre to the Node (FTTN) bundle is encrypted and it requires the use of our modem for the VOIP service to work.
Unfortunately, our modem does not support 3rd party VOIP services, as it is designed to be used for TPG VOIP services only.


If you are to make and receive calls, you will need to connect a telephone handset directly to the Phone1 port on the back of your modem.


Let us know if you have further queries. Thank you.

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When TPG directed me to TP-Link for confiring the 3PP VoIP service, TP-Link made reference of a SU password that unlocks the full functionality of the Router. The Router is capable of being configured to handle a 3PP, just wanted get to the functionality. Can I ask if the Huawai router is a better option and if I can swap it out ? 


The phone component of our Huawei modem is also encrypted @eeaaxm.

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Hi @eeaaxm Yeah the whole thing is rubbish.  You purchase a router from them, then they lock it down so you can't access the phone section of your property.  Anyway I am sure your problem has long since passed, but here is how to find the SU password for your modem:


Maybe it might help other users with the same problem.