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High ping to gaming servers NBN

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Used to get 4ms ping to Battlefield 1 gaming servers.


Now I get 191, to all servers, all the time.

Only thing that's changed is I've upgraded from Tier 2 (25mbit) to Tier 3 (50mbit) NBN.


What have they done in the process???

Level 2

Same here,

I am in perth on FTTB My Battlefield server pings were always 67ms, and they have been 250ms+ for a few days.  It is unplayable now. What's going on?

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Same here using ADSL2+ in Gold Coast.  My ping has gone from around 40-50ms to consistantly above 200ms. I've made no changes to my plan or router settings etc.  Power cycling my modem did nothing.  And I get the same results regardless of whether the connection is wired or wireless.


Hi @beardedmaster, @howard, @HatchPie,


Welcome to TPG community!


Thanks for raising this matter to us. We'd like to take this opportunity to help you and have this investigated. I went ahead and searched for your accounts on my system using your community names, but I am unable to make a match. Can you please send us your TPG account details via DM including the ping and Traceroute test result, so we can have this further investigated and identify the possible cause of the issue.



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Hi Mc_Gerald,


I did raise it with TPG technical support, including performing ping and traceroute tests.  They found that my ping was normal for, and a few hours later my ping was back to normal for all other websites, so perhaps it was an external issue.  I hope the problem is resolved for the others too.  Thank you for the response.


Hi @HatchPie,

We are glad to know that. Let us know how it will go. In case you will need assistance do not hesitate to open a thread and our community is always here to help.


Have a great day, cheers!

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This has now been resolved for me in Perth also. thanks.