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ADSL2 Drop outs and varying throughput

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My Connection has been unreliable for 18 months now after 10 years of working flawlessly.

I have previously posted on here a while back and it seemed to improve after replacing the filter but it fairly quickly returned to unrelible especially around 10pm onwards AEST where it drops constantly and netflix becomes unwatchable. 


I have replaced my router recently in frustration even though my previous router seemed to work apart from the flakey times.

It is still flakey and i am getting constant drop outs and loss of ip connectivity.


Looking at my router logs LCP keeps resetting on the WAN interface despite the DSL Connection remaining contant as this occurs.

Performance testing on TPG's performance link shows everything from 9MB/sec to unable to test due to no ping to the test host in Sydney(I'm in Melbourne on Doncaster East Exchange).

Testing the ADSL connection on my router - continually passes all but the final test. ADSL connection always passes(even whe IP traffic wont flow) and it regularly fails the default gateway ping for the WAN interface, even when LCP is up.


NBN is about to be installed in my street next month. I am seriously considering switching ISP's after 14 years as i dont believe i have any line issue here, just TPG's IP services being flakey as hell and overloaded/underprovisioned.


Hoping you can resolve this, as it has been a repeated issue now and i dont have a lot of spare time to stuff around with support. Happy to provide any stats or screen shots my router will output.

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Hi @adslxukr,

 What are the modem's upstream and downstream line attenuation figures? Do they ever vary more than about 1 dbm on consecutive reboots? If you could post a pic of the dsl stats page that will help alot.

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Will do later tonight.

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Adsl status - doesnt vary from what i can tell.

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I see you're running the most current firmware so that's a good start, the line stats would indicate you're a fair distance from your exchange, If the attenuation figures never vary day to day and for subsequent syncs it's a bit of a mystery as to why it just loses sync, do you ever notice static or noise on the phone either with or without the TP-Link switched on?

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no. been through all the line tests previously. New filter, rj11 cable and router. Same issue. I've enabled SRA on the DSL settings. Dont recall this feature on my previous router. Seems better, will watch for a day or so


Good day @adslxukr,


I have run some remote test and was not able to detect any issues on the network. Let's see if the SRA feature of your new modem will do the trick.


Keep us posted on what will happen and we are happy to look into it further if the issue persist.


Kind regards,

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@BasilDVProblem stabilised for a day or so and reappeared. Performance back to rubbish level. unable to run your performance test to syd server as ping fails at start of test. Ping test on my router fails to default gw on wan interface again.


LCP dropping again last night and even though it is not logging drops at the moment. Performance is thru the floor. Took 5 minutes just to get through to this page even after i kicked my kids off the internet.


Last night noticed LCP drops again when netflix became unwatchable. Even when the LCP drops passed, netflix still unwatchable.


Attached files show log from last night and screenshots from about 10 mins ago.



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More lcp drops today at 1pm