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How about you stop charging me if you are unable to relocate my connection?

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I was convinced to downgrade to a basic TPG plan while I moved to Melbourne in order to waive the connection fee when I do reconnect. Now that I have found a place, you guys have been unresponsive and have been handballing me from departments to departments. Your online chats ignore me mid-chat and you do not reply to emails.


It has been 3 months since I moved! I have been charged for 3 months of a service that was not utilized at all. Should have just disconnected and unsubscribed. Is this how you repay loyal customers?





Hi bryanloi8,

My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.

Have you relocated your home already? you can do it online.

I noticed that your emails have been received and escalated.






Level 2
Hi Luis,

The problem is that despite already finding a place, your team is unwilling to proceed with my case and at the same time you guys are charging me for a monthly subscription.

Your customer service team has promised to contact me further, but I am confused. Is it so complicated?

I have been in touch with at least 8 different people, and not even one person asked me for my new address.

With all the pushing back and forth, I have been left hanging for weeks. Get someone to bring forward my case or allow me to terminate this service with a full refund for the past few months since I have not been using your service since early January.

I don't see any other option other than to contact ombudsman if this doesn't get resolved.