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How do I get my Sagemcom Fast 58666T modem to give a wireless connection to my Canon TS3460 series printer? I

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I have googled and found that this, like many printers cannot connect to 5G but there are ways around it if you have an app for the modem. That is the first issue. The second issue is how can I fix this so I can print again? Help me because I was actually ok with 4G and now question why I agreed to change over.

Level 15

Hi @donnawm2000 . On Sagemcom, try to disable Band Steering, then give each band different names. This should allow the printer to connect to 2.4GHz band.

If it doesn't connect, it might be because of the Sagemcom security (WPA2/WPA3 should allow WPA2 devices to connect but apparently doesn't). You can use your previous router as an access point to connect wifi devices using WPA2 security.

Either way, give the printer a fixed ip address in Sagemcom address reservations. You can define the printer as an IP printer on specific ip address. Disable AP Isolation on Sagemcom to allow wifi devices to connect to the printer.

I'd give that app a miss.