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How to contact TPG support if no Internet and no other connection?

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So my Internet went down and and I called your support line but it is not taking calls at the moment. The automated message referred me to use the chat three times and then disconnected.


My question is how is someone suppose to get support if they have no Internet (because it is down and there is not other connection available) if your only option is to use Internet to chat and tell someone that there is not Intenet available?


I don't think that this is acceptable. I understand that you are doing the whole COVID19 distancing, but that doesn't mean that you can only have one way to contact support i.e. chat. Even if your call simply went to a voice message and someone checked it and called back or why can't you have one person available to answer calls etc.


I have decided to lodge a formal complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman about the lack of accessible service for all Australians but I also wanted to post this first to hopefully get a response before I formally lodged a complaint.