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How to deal with Hathway tele-callers?

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Dear Members,

So I had the misfortune of subscribing to Hathway as my Broadband provider in Mumbai. Due to their pathetic customer service and attitude, I finally stopped using the connection in April 2018 having paid all dues.

Since then, every day, their tele-callers have been harrassing me through calls. It's random calls from random numbers throughout the week-days. Pleading, requesting, shouting haven't changed anything. Complaints using Twitter handles, tagging sleeping TRAI's official handle haven't changed anything either.

Can you suggest me a way to deal with it?

I have also made a thread about this issue at Reddit available at

PS: From their twitter handle, it does seem that this targetted harrassment of erstwhile customers is their tried and tested business tactics. Loads of complaints there are exactly like mine.