Technician no show???

Level 2
I have never been so frustrated. TPG said a technician would be coming from 8am-12pm.. and i took the day off work for it. It got to 12 and we called up and they said “we cancelled it for you”.. thank you so much tpg! We have no had wifi for a week with my children working from home and have had to exceed all our mobile bills and still pay for wifi that doesn't actually work. We were not told at all that tpg kindly decided to just cancel our technician appointment because they decided “there was nothing wrong”. I think this is incredibly rude and such poor form.. especially considering the amount we are paying. Now they decided there is something wrong and we again have to pretend to wait for another technician in the next week or so! This is ridiculous- if you are cancelling you need to let the customer know?? Is there compensation for this as it is not the first time this has occurred. As i am typing this my husband just called tpg again to mark the technician appointment as urgent and turns out the lady on customer service this morning never actually booked us in an appointment?? Are you kidding. This is unbelievable.

Hi @EmilyKD ,


Thanks for raising this to us, we're sad to know that there has been an issue with the Technician appointment, we'd like to take this opportunity to turn around your experience and get to the bottom of this. 


We tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it shows no matching records found, to better understand the situation, please shoot me a private message with your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


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