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How to find first phone socket in home

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I live in a townhouse with TPG ADSL. I get pretty good speeds as I am close to the exchange (18Mbps down and about 1Mbps up). I want to figure out which one of my phone sockets is my first one to get the best speeds possible, especially when I get connected to the nbn with it’s faster speeds, it would be more important. The building’s MDF is in the garage, under my house. So I can’t identify it as ‘the one closest to the front of the house’ because the line comes in from under. I’m thinking it might be the one in the kitchen, but I’m not sure.

Hi @cashwood


Welcome to the Community! 


The most possible way in checking which line can provide you with the best line speed is to connect the modem physically to the socket(s) while logged in to your modem's interface or we can also check it remotely but we would still require you to connect the modem to the socket(s). 


We also still need to check what type of NBN service will be available in your area as they have different types of technology. 


Could you please provide us with your Customer ID via private message so we can check all these for you?