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How to get better upload speeds?

Level 2

I'm currently on the NBN FTTN 50 with Voice package, getting around 7 Mbps upload with a TP-Link Archer 600v AC1600 Wireless Gigabit modem.


Is there any way to increase this upload speed before considering upgrading plans? Perhaps the modem properties?


If not, will upgrading my plan increase the ceiling limit?

I realise that local area details will affect the actual speed, but I'm looking to at least increase the baseline to give myself the best opportunity to go higher. Thanks for any help you can provide Smiley Happy


Hi @aaroncains


We'd like to run some tests in order to identify if the current infrastructure can only provide you the said upload speed or if it's capable of giving more.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.