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How to retrieve my customer ID and username

Level 2

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how to retrieve my Customer ID and username as I lost the information? I told TPG customer service officer all the information as my name, date of birth, phone number, and adress, but she can't find it. Anyone can  help? Much appreciated.

Level 11

Your username is set in your wifi router and email client software.

If you have forgotten yor password, you may have to go through that procedure on the TPG logon screen.

Level 2

Hi David,

I found the username in the router. Its and password. But failed to login and showed as below. Do you know why? Thanks. 

There was an unexpected system error encountered when processing your request.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

For further assistance with your password issue, please call TPG Customer Service on 13 14 23.

When contacting TPG, please quote the following error code (E:validate:username).
Level 11

Strange the router shows you the password.

Are you still able to access the internet because if there is an account problem, the router should be denied as well.

I can't help with that error message.

You could try that username and password via your mobile data (turn off wifi on the phone) and go to and try to logon to your account. It might be more informative.


You can persist with the online chat or make a new post here with your question and include what you have just reported.