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Huawei Router reset

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I recently reset my router to default setting. Actually I reset it Yesterday. Al  the button are lighting up like ADSL, Power and WLAN. But only Internet light is OFF. And internet is not working. Resetting the router is the problem for this?  How can I fix this Problem??

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Zup, internet off means PPPoE settings is not configured. You need to access modem settings via Desktop/Laptop connected using Ethernet Cable or connected via Wifi (ex. smartphone)

Then log in to

Look for basic settings>adsl

Then it eill ask your PPPoE UN/PW

which is ur TPG UN and PW.

Sorry mate i dont have screen shots im on mobile RN.

Hope it helps. 😂
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Oops, I forgot, that would only apply toTPG'S supplied modem (huawei) if its not from TPG it might not the same.

Hi @AnilKhadka


Since you have reset the modem to its factory default settings, you just have to input your login details again in order to connect back to our server.  Please refer to this link, it will provide you step by step process: How To Setup Your Huawei Modem


Let us know if you still need further assistance.