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I need tpg supported vpn router/modem to replace archer v1600

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Good morning 

tpg customer support contacted through the week on the phone, i want a new router/modem for my existing tpg fibre to curb nbn service

i currently have an older archerv1600 that goes not have inbuilt vpn

I wanted to just buy one that works out of the box, pre configured as the original one was. They told me they cannot supply one.

so, my needs are to have a vpn router that i will use with expressvpn, need at least 3 lan ports plus dual band wifi that will work on, tpg nbn service

any help or direction appreciated..i am in Melbourne 


Hi @adslui9k 


We'd like to check on what we can arrange for you.


Just send us a private message with your account details.