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IP to Location resolution and saving modem configuration

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This is two questions in one, somewhat unrelated.


  1. I am on NBN50 residential plan. When I open various applications or websites that use my location (e.g. Weather ot Google Maps), sometimes they think I'm in Sydney and somethimes - Perth. Note, this is NOT because my IP address is dynamic (as TPG customer service representative had suggested when I called TPG support). Right now I am looking at two websties - and They both show me my current public IP (obviosuly the same), and both show my current location. One says I'm in Sydney, the other - in Perth. Can TPG do something about it? If not, who can?

  2. I use TPG-supplied Archer VR1600v modem, the exact details are:
      - Firmware Version: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n
      - Hardware Version: Archer VR1600v v1 00000000
    I have seen another post here where someone noted that the modem does not allow to save config to a file, and TPG replied that yes, the modem firmware had been customised by TPG, and the option to save config had been removed. I understand that TPG wanted to customise firmware to simplify initial setup for non-tech-savvy customers, it's pretty much plug-and-play now. But why remove such important feature? I made a number of changes to the default config, and I would like to be able to back them up!

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Hi @Andrew72 I guess due to mesh routing you could have a virtual location just about anywhere, those same links show me in Brisbane and Melbourne respectively, at one stage I had a router slot that gave me a geolocation in the UK.

I noticed that whilst opening a stream on tune in radio that an EU banner on the landing page would come up every time and require an accept click. I refreshed the PPP connection on the router until I had a slot back in Queensland.

 With regards to saving the config, I haven't needed to reload a config in 15 months of using a VR1600v, a firmware upgrade preserves all user config settings, If you really need to keep the numbers you could just save a few screenshots for future reference.

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Hi @orbistat. Thank you very much for your reply, but it's not really helpful. In short, it can be summarised as:

  1. That's how it works.
  2. You do not need it.

Regarding #1, how can the same IP be resolved to different locations? The only explanation I can think of is different resoution services use different databases. But where do they come from, where is the source of truth? I'd expect that would be the company who owns the IP range, in this case TPG. So if TPG said "we keep our records up to date, but some resolution services have not synced our latest changes yet", I would be happy with that answer. But if the answer is "that's how it works and will always be this way", then I'm really not clear why.


Regarding #2, it's good to know that firmare updates do not wipe the config, but it does not answer my question. I still would like to know why TPG removed the feature, and more importantly, would like to see it back in the next firmware update.


On a different note, you mentioned that you have been through a few firmware updates. Where do you get them from, and how do you know that a new update has been released?

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Ok @Andrew72 You need to understand how internet routing and topology works, it's beyond the scope of a forum post to explain. I answered your first question 'who can fix it? You can, by refreshing your PPP connection.

Your second question 'But why remove such important feature?' I implied that it's not an important feature as it's highly unlikely to fail and require a config reload, I also can't see where I've said it's had several firmware updates? It's had 1 update in the last 15 months.

 Updates are pushed over the network as required, the customised firmware has an autoconfig batch file that alleviates the need for input from the end user. It just works.


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Hi @orbistat,


Thank you for taking the time to reply again. I do understand how IP routing works. I'm an IT professional, though networking is not my area of specialisation. So I'd appreciate a bit more details on why you think I'm getting different resolutions on the same IP, if could provide some.


> You can, by refreshing your PPP connection

Yes I can do that, and maybe I'll be more lucky with the new IP, or maybe not. It does not resolve the root cause of the issue. Maybe, like you said, the root cause cannot be fixed, but so far I do not understand why.


> I implied that it's not an important feature 

That's fine, but I feel that it is. I'd like some response from TPG.


>  I also can't see where I've said it's had several firmware updates

Yes, sorry, I misread your previous answer.


Hi @Andrew72


The current firmware version does not support the back-up option.


I understand that this is a great feature to have since this will make it easier to restore the configuration should there be a need to reset the modem. As such, we will take this into consideration in future updates.



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Thanks @Will,


Could you please also provide some information about IP-to-location resolution. Why this is hapening, and can it be fixed?


Hi @Andrew72,


This is an issue with the IP database used by the website you are testing on.


If you would like to fix it, you may contact the website and advise them of his location and IP so they can update their database.


These companies make guesses on geolocation based on publicly available IP information from APNIC and other registries.


Kind regards,


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