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Impossible to get in contact with you

Level 2

Hey TPG, 


I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past two weeks in regards to transferring my service to my new address. I wanted to get this done before I moved in, but I moved in yesterday and I have NO internet, nor have I been able to cancel the service in my current address. 


When I try to arrange this through My Account>Moving home it says it's not supported for FTTB customers? and I have to contact you. So I call you from my mobile and you say: we're moving our team to chat support. I go onto the webpage, chat support, and the only response I get for 2 weeks is: Our team is servicing other customers, try again later? I'VE TRIED EVERYDAY FOR 2 WEEKS. I sent you an email on Monday too, NO RESPONSE at all. 


Is there any way on earth to contact your moving home team? Do I have to try a ouija too? Unacceptable.

Level 3

Had the same problem in November. Still no right. The y finally connected the new place on 4th attempt. Why? Because they were trying to connect to house that I had just disconnected from. Organisational skills very depleted. Good Luck.