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Inconsistent download speeds

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I contacted your online support team on Sunday evening (26/4) about our inconsistent download speeds on our nbn50 plan we have speeds anywhere from 47mbps to 5mbps. Sometimes i can do the most simple of tasks online like downloading a firmware update for something and the speeds will plummet to nothing. even basic websites get slow to load. I was informed that a technician would contact me at my preferred contact hours the following day to instead recieve a text in the morning to say youve been montioring the system and all looks fine, case is now closed, please reply to text if need further assistance, ticket #10452129. firstly i found it extremely rude to be told ill be contacted to then just be sent a text message saying its all good case closed, as if your just trying to palm me off. I replied to the text to recieve no reply. So i had to email you guys on tuesday with my concerns to again same text message yet again. It is not okay!  I have countless speed test logs to show the inconsistencey of your service. I have done countless power cycle of the modem with same results. These speeds isnt in the evening when theres more people on the network causing congestion, this is at random times during the day and morning to which my parter is a high school teacher doing 3 days at home trying to create online classes for students, yet she cant even do that some days as the speeds wont allow her to access the online resource she uses, upload work, download student works. I have gone as far as purchasing another modem of high value so i can elminate the wifi cant take the load of my partners work devices accessing it, to yet even with only 1 laptop connected to the modem we get same results. I have tried direct ethernet port to the modem, again same results. I need a solution asap to these wilderly inconsistent speeds your service is providing so my partner can do her work without having to stress out the internet is slow and needing to use her mobile data to get by. 

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you 



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