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Incredibly slow speeds + drop outs.

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Good afternoon,


We have been experiencing incredibly slow speeds and connection dropouts at our Collingwood home on our ADSL2+ plan. Last night at around midnight the internet was so slow that I couldnt even load the TPG Speedtest page...


I have been running Speedtests intermittently over the past two weeks. Our speed varies anywhere from below 1Mbps (around peak usage hours) to around 4Mbps (offpeak hours). Also up to 120-150ms of line jitter.


I would appreciate assistance in resolving this issue, and can provide screenshots if required or address details. These low speeds are infuriating during offpeak times and nigh unusable during peak times, so I would like to resolve this ASAP.


Hi @DSands


Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for raising this with us. To better understand what's affecting your service and how we can stabilize your connection, we need to pull up your account and run some tests. Unfortunately, we can't seem to find your TPG account using your community details. Can you send us a PM with your customer ID or username together with your service address?


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community





Hi @DSands,


We have yet to receive a PM from you regarding your concern. Let us know if you still need technical assistance.


Level 1c

Hi Will,


Just PM'd now with details.




Thanks for providing your account details via PM, @DSands


Based on our tests, your connection going to our server is stable. It's been connected for 5days and 17hours without any interruption. That being said, the sync speed that your modem detected is indeed low. Further tests showed a possible fault, but could be coming from your end. We need another test which will be best done via phone so we can do it real time.


I'll be organizing a callback from our Technical Team for assistance. Can you send me another Pm with your best contact number and preferred time?