Installation Progress

Level 2

I just made a NBN installation plan on 11/02. I just checked the installation progress that it shows that “We are currently processing your payment.” I think you guys have received my payment, as there is a deduction on my bank account. Could you please to procced next step? I really want to you guys make some Service Installation, like instal the modem or something else. 

Best reagrds


Hi ,


If you have nominated a direct debit as your payment method, the clearing of payment takes 3-4 working days from the date that it started to process. If you ordered NBN, the activation will take less than 10 working days from the date that the initial fee has posted on your account. An email/SMS notification will be sent to you for the activation date of the new connection.


Want to make a follow up by phone? You may call our install team at 1300 993 012.