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Intermittent Internet making it practically useless

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My Internet was working very fine when suddenly on 7.12.18 the ADSL light started going ON and OFF making the connection useless. I called TPG on 8.12.18 and the representative confirmed that there is problem in the line and that the issue has been escalated to engineering team. She said I will get a call. She also did some setting which she said will help reduce the dropouts. I received a text message saying Telstra technician will come anytime between 8.12.18 to 18.12.18 (10 days!!!) and my presence is not needed. (Ticket 90xxxxx).

After the call, the ADSL light is firm (it dropped once on 9.12.18 evening) but the Internet is very intermittent. I pinged DNS server and attached a photo herewith. The connection is practically useless.

I am studying online and this is really annoying when I can’t have constant access to my material. And waiting 10 days for the technician is not encouraging either. Kindly look into it.



Hi @gagandeepanand,


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We were able to locate the account using the information that you've provided and it seems that your service is affected by a copper cable outage on our third party provider's network.


The case is quite complex which is why they need more time to fix the issue. There are times that they are able to resolve the issue ahead of time and we are hoping that this can be experienced on your case.


As of the moment, our Engineering team is closely monitoring the account and will be in touch once a new update is available.


We apologise for the inconvenience.


Kind regards,


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Thanks a lot for the information.