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Intermittent drop out with 2 sec delays while playing gaming.

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Hi Im expriencing very weird situation here.

The Ping result is very good and speed test result is super!!

But every time I playinng game mostly League of legend and PUBG Online.

I have intermittent delay like 2~3 second everytime I playing.

And I found out when i have a delay there was a no reponse ping.

also CRC error comes up in the modem status.

what I have tried to fix is below

- change modem router : Cisco 857w with adsl2+ module, tp-link new modem.

- turn off Wifi modeule so i can check only LAN connection.

- only adsl line attached on telephone socket.


Please see attched modem status photo below.

this is being taken after power recyle 5 minute ago.








Hi @leekangdal,


Welcome to the community!


Is your PC/Laptop connected via Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi) when you play League of Legends or PUBG?


If Yes, have you tried playing while PC/Laptop connected via LAN/Ethernet Cable?


I'd like to check your connection. Kindly, PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with the account)