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Persistent Internet Dropouts + Slow Speeds - ADSL2+

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My ADSL2+ has been quite flakey lately.  For example my router log which only starts at 0630 this morning (16 Jan 2018) shows that my internet dropped out 85 times before it restored itself at about 1pm.  As I often work from home I have been using Telstra 4G mobile broadband as a backup.  In terms of  download speed my TPG internet is 5.1 Mbps.  

My router is a brand new Netgear B8500 Nighthawk and replaced my previous router as I thought the old router was the problem!  Not so apparently, as the dropouts continue even when my home phone is unplugged. 

Any advice would be appreciated..  




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I was able to pull up your account using your email address.

I have seen the massive drop outs that you are experiencing on the network. I also learned that your Home phone service is from a different provider. The Internet service that we are providing is dependent on your Home phone line, if there's an issue on the home phone it will affect the internet service.


Are you able to check your Home phone if you can hear any dial tone? If yes, are you hearing any audible noise? Try to make a test call to be sure that the home phone line is clear.


In case that you heard an audible noise or there's no Dial tone on it. Please contact your home phone provider for them to fix the copper line.


Keep us posted on what will happen.


Kind regards,

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Hi BasilDV

Thanks very much for your reply. I suspect you are correct. Since I posted in the forum my connection has been very good - back to where it should be. I did do some testing on the phone line and my connection dropped off when I picked up the home phone. There is a dial tone and some scratchy sounds - on a filtered line!

If I have any more problems I'll talk to Telstra..

Thanks for your help..




Glad to be of assistance @PMFT.


Have a great weekend. Cheers! Smiley Wink