Internet Connection

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My internet is on but it doesn't reach the rest of the house. I want to move it but unfortunately there's a certain connection it needs and only this part of the house has it. It can't reach my room and it's frustrating to have to resort to use my data which is extra that I'm paying for. Please help!
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Hi ivyvine15.

So, you have some of your house without wifi coverage? Is that on the 2.4G band as well? The 2.4g band has greater range than 5g band; you could sacrifice 5g speed for better coverage on 2.4g.


What is the "certain connection" only in that part of the house?


The easiest thing might be a wifi extender.

Or, you could use a longer ethernet cable between the NBN box and the wifi router.

If the NBN box connects into a telephone wall socket, a longer cable from NBN box to wall socket. 

The last two depend on the layout of your house and available power points and how much extra distance the wifi has to go. 

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The other alternative to what @Dav mentioend @ivyvine15 would be to configure a wifi mesh since some wifi extenders these days almost cost  the same as a cheap wifi mesh.


Kogan's wifi mesh is probably the cheapest compared to eero.
This should allow you to flood your entire house with the wifi signal you need to avoid black spots.