Internet Drop-outs

Level 2
Greetings. I have the TPG 100MB unlimited NBN and since day one (1+ years ago) I've had issues where the connection will drop whenever there is rain or a strong breeze (or if Mercury isn't in retrograde).

I've contacted TPG twice in the past and had technicians sent out each time. I've had my lines tested over and over again and every time they say there's no issue on their end. I was told that perhaps the phone line inside my house was the issue, so I had that replaced with brand new line running directly to the modem and nowhere else (cable is 5-10m long as most).

I am still having issues with disconnections due to weather, and am absolutely sure it is not on my end.

Could someone please figure this out? I'm at my wits end, unable to perform any online activities reliably during the wet/cold seasons.

Any help would be appreciated.