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Internet Plan Cancelation

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I cannot find a way to cancel my internet plan 


TPG does not allow for customer to cancel the plan on the website on their own. Seems like they are making it as hard as possible for customer to cancel the internet plans.

I can't find a way to cancel the plan. I'm having to call TPG customer service, and waited for ages for someone to pick up the phone. 


Please don't make it hard for people to cancel plans with you. Its gonna create a bad reputation for your company. 

And also, please be more responsive with your customer support. Always have to wait so long for a TPG staff to pick up the goddamn phone. 


Hi @hoanganhhp99 


We regret to hear that you've decided to terminate your account with us.


The cancellation request should be discussed by our Accounts team as we need to make sure that the owner of the account is the one who'll request it for security purpose.


We wish you all the best with your new provider and hope that you will consider TPG again in the future we would welcome the opportunity to turn your experience around.