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Internet again, is dropping out - 2 weeks now!

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Today we had NBN come out, that's 6 technicians now!


He was good and fixed the issue that the previous clown did not update the Arris box, we had 2 registered. Now fixed.


The internet has been working well all day until now. Dropped off and completely off for almost an hour now and still off.
I know NBN is working as I can read and understand their testing equipment so I know it's right. It's a hobby..


It would seem that TPG has issues, plenty of people are complaining here I see. This is unacceptable during this time and any time for that matter.


I need to have an answer now about the service and arranging us to cancel. If you can not provide what you say you will, under the ACCC court order of 2017/18, you must allow us to cancel without penalty or threat of a fee.
I can provide the ruling document if you need it.


Please respond now, this is not good enough, do not arrange another NBN tech either.
It is not required. They have said that it is the RSP not NBN.