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Internet connection keeps drop out

Level 1c

using the AC1200, and recently having big problems with Internet connection!! It keeps drop out. I have to turn the router off and on all the time!  It is fine when I reboot the router, but after a while, it will lose connection! I can not even get access to the management webpage easily! 


Hi @sithco952, it appears you have also raised the same connection issue here


and we have responded to the above thread asking for your contact details.


We know how inconvenient to use an unstable connection and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


At the moment, we are not detecting any fault on the line or network that may affect the service. Are you able to check what light on the router and nbn box normally goes off whenever the connection drops?



Hi @sithco952, we'd like to know if you are still having issues with the service.


Feel free to PM us your contact details should you need any assistance. Thank you.

Level 1c
Hi, I had outage last night around 11pm!

We apologise for the service disruption, @sithco952.


As per checking, NBN Co. has performed a network capacity work in your area yesterday around 11PM AEST, which was completed around 7AM AEST today.


This is to optimise the serviceability and performance of the FTTP service.


We have checked the status of your connection and we can see that it is up and running for more than 8 hours now.


Would you still like to receive a call from our Technical Team?

Level 1c
I already pm! Why not call me. It’s not convenient to use my mobile!

If you are still having issues with the service, then we will have a specialist contact you for assistance.