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Internet constantly dropping, ongoing issue since 2020 with two different addresses.

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After multiple phone calls and temporary fixes which do not last more than two months, I am close to being done with TPG. Internet will often cut out during use which is especially inconvenient since many of my family work and attend school from home. The dropouts occur randomly, some days might go without them and I have every time consulted the service status website supplied by both TPG and NBN. Always, the issues occured even when there wasn't maintenance or concurring reported issues.


A technician has visited as of 29.04.22 but reported that nothing was able to be done since the issue did not happen at the time and we were told to just monitor the service. This is an ongoing issue, I cannot and TPG clearly cannot estimate when the dropouts happen and thus cannot fix the drop outs. While I understand that you can not find the cause if it is not currently happening, I will not be paying $70+ for an internet service provider this inconsistent and inconvenient.


This has been an issue since 2020 at two different addresses with the same ISP and account holder. After 30+ calls with TPG's support, multiple "fixes" that always result in the internet issues resurfacing, a technician that arrived and could not find anything, I will be looking into other options in terms of ISP.


Hi @sophia_301,

Send us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file) to better understand what happened with the previous faults and technician visit. So we can chase this with the relevant team if needed or create a new fault for new investigation.

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