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Internet drop outs

Level 1c

As of 18/11/19 from 7-11pm i had about 3 drop outs. Due to some connection issues i had last month, a tpg technician came over and did some tests. Tpg told me they will keep on monitoring my status by disconnecting and reconnecting my internet about once daily. Its just that 3 drop outs within 4 hours seems out of the ordinary. Just wondering were the 3 drop outs from the monitoring or could another issue have come up?


Hi @Toycrane


We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing connection drop outs. 


I was able to run some test on your line and have seen the minimal drop outs that you have described. 


Can you please confirm if you are still using the same modem as before? 

Level 1c

Yes i am still using the same modem as before. I spoke to Will before, he was the person that was handling my case. Could it just be that during 7-11pm, a few TPG people coincidentally checked/tested my line?


Thanks for the confirmation @Toycrane,


I managed to run a test on your account and have not seen any evident fault on the line. 


We've coordinated this matter to our Engineers and was advised to have another modem  tested to rule out the drop outs on the current device. 


May we know if you have another modem we can test with? 

Level 1c

I only have 1 modem. Is TPG still testing my line on a daily basis?


I have a TPG ticket #9929166 maybe that can help you out with my case



I was able to monitor your connection for the past 3 days and have not seen any evident line issues. 


We do conduct line testing if there are apparent faults seen on your connection. Currently, there is no known issue detected on your line. And the drop outs that we've seen were not from any test conducted. 


As advised from your previous ticket, if drop out persist and no evident line fault is seen. It is best to test another modem to ensure if your current modem is causing the drop outs on your connection. 


I'll be requesting a Loan Modem to be sent and test your connection. 

Can you please confirm if we will be sending the test modem on the address on record? 


Level 1c

Before you send the loan modem, from the 23rd of October to this day, have TPG been line testing my line everyday?


Hi @Toycrane,


There are a number of tests that we run on the line to confirm that the connection is stable or if there's any fault within the copper line.


Since we are not able to detect any fault within the copper line, our Engineers would like to rule out the possibilities that you have a faulty modem.


Do you agree with the Loan modem? Are we going to ship it to the same address on the account?