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Internet dropped out, now not even working at all?

Level 2

I've been on the phone with TPG before, and they are aware of the issue and monitoring it. As of last night, I have absolutely no internet! 


The problem:

Past few days I've had random dropouts, which would last for around 5-10 minutes before reconnecting automatically. Called TPG, not sure if they fixed it, they marked the problem as solved, and last night, my internet is completely out. Internet LED is not blinking. I log into the modem router, and all devices are connected to the router but there is no internet connection. It recommends me to check the cable connection, which I see there is no issue. Everything is secured in place, the PPPoE username and passwords are all correct. I've followed the advice of replugging the router, pressing the reset button multiple times. What is going on?


I'm using 4G hotspot right now.