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Internet keeps dropping out

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Our ADSL2+ connection has been showing issues in the past three days. Although the LED light on the modem is on and the internet status in the setting is showing 'Connected', the internet has no speed at all. Apps is showing disconnected and webpage takes forever to load. I've tried reboot the modem, but it only allowed me to have one or two minutes of normal connection, and then went back to endless loading again.


I've noticed this issue in the first two days and it was no problem in the daytime and it started to happen in the evening. I thought it might be an on-going maintenance. But today we had this issue throughout the whole day.


Can someone please help me to address the issue? Much appreciated.



Level 2

Problem solved by doing a manufacture reset of my modem. Thanks to TPG technical support line.


Hi @yangxu25find,


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I've located your account using your Community details and can currently see a stable connection. 


Should you need further assistance, feel free to bump this thread.