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Internet keeps dropping out

Level 2

Hello there,


My internet connection (NBN50) has been really unstable and keeps dropping out throughout the day (and night) since about 2 weeks ago; all has been working fine before this (with one or two dropouts maybe every other week) and has never been this bad. I have done the standard turn off and on on both modem and NBN device, move the modem to a better location etc. Checked NBN website and determine there is no issue etc.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.




Hi @daawsum,


Thanks for raising this to us, we're sad to know that you're having issues with the service. We'd love to help and get to the bottom of this, we tried to use your community details to pull up the account and we got multiple matching records found, to ensure we have the correct details please shoot me a Private Message with your account details (Username/Customer ID) together with the address on file.


How do I private message (PM) in the community