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Is tpg still working or no?

Level 2
Level 2
It’s been so many attempt for me to contact tpg in any way. I don’t think this company is good anymore. Is been since 16 of march i couldn’t connect to internet. Try to ask here no answer. Online chat no one answer. Email no answer.

Hi @5py,


We are getting a lot of queries at the moment and we understand that some get frustrated due to the long wait times.



In light of the recent happenings due to the COVID19 outbreak, TPG's telephone support team members are transitioning to work from home set-up to lessen the exposure and chance of contracting the virus.


Nevertheless, we are committed to responding to all queries via all possible means as quickly as possible.


We really appreciate your patience during this time.


We have PM'd you and please reply to the PM with your TPG account details so we can help resolve any issue at hand.