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It hasn’t been set up

Level 2
My Internet hasn’t been set up it was supposed to be done on Wednesday and it’s now Monday I’ve been trying to call TPG for the last two days and I’m just being on hold on hold on hold all good ** hours so not happy about what’s going on can someone please contact me and tell me what is happening with my Internet

Hi @Sexybutt18


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We did an article that you may find helpful, this will guide you on how to setup the newly installed ADSL service.

See link below. Setting up ADSL2+ and modem configuration



In the event that you successfully setup the equipment and still not working, we recommend that you do the following below.

If you are still unable to connect to the Internet, you can proceed with the troubleshooting steps indicated on this link:


In this case, we've seen that the installation has been completed and there is a line fault causing the service not to work. We escalated this issue to our Engineering Team for further investigation, updates will be provided when it becomes available via SMS/Phone Call or Email.