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Just changed to NBN last week - but keeps dropping out

Level 2

Hi, I just changed to NBN, but connection has dropped out more times than when I had ADSL. In fact, I never had such issues back then. I'm trying to contact NBN, and have been on queue and apparently approximately my turn in 5 minutes , for the last 30 minutes. 


This is frustrating because thinkinh that upgrading to NBN is better, but unfortunately not the case.  How are they trying to expect us to change to NBN but having such a service. 

Level 2

So I have been on the phone trying to get in touch with TPG, been passed through many different lines. 

What I have gathered, while on ADSL, they have not been tracking my usage and not been warning me or notifying me of my usage, which was well above 100GB. I don't know if I do trust this, but okay. So I received an email notifying me that my usage is more than the allocated 50GB in less than a week. They claim this was why internet was dropping out and I have to upgrade to unlimited- which, fine, if I have used more than 100GB ,and should adjust my plan, I will. Problem is : 
1. Tried using the app, and browser to adjust my plan, but unable to do it due to an error. So I have been on hold on the phone for 1 hour, trying to reach the change of plan team - and am still on the phone as I type this. 
No, I do not use the callback, because when I did last time, noone called me back even the next day. 
2. This is still not a reason to use to cause a drop out of internet. They said "maybe you can change to unlimited to prevent drop outs. Regardlessof the amount of data used - there shouldn't be using it as a reason to have such bad internet connection. 
3. After having to troubleshoot and having the tech team tell me not to restart my modem and call them back , which, they have now concluded - there is an issue with the line. So I am very confused if it is my insufficient data (which shouldn't be the case beause I have yet to reach my limit - only about to hence the warning email), or the connection. 
And, after typing thid long message, I am still on the phone waiting for a response from their change of plan team. Which, If I am unable to change, I may not even have a proper internet connection after apparently reaching the limit. 



If you would still like help with your service please send me via Private Message your username , customer account number or mobile phone number attached to your account so I can assist.