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Kodi Android TV version connects NFS folder failed via TPG's

Level 2


I attempted to use Kodi installed in my Android TV to access NFS files shared by my Synology DSM through a tp-link archer vr1600v router and failed. 
It used to be successful when I was using a netgear R6400 as a second router linked behind vr1600v (TV, NAS, R6400 are all in 10.0.0.* IP range)
When I shift my R6400 to AP mode (TV, NAS, R6400 and vr1600v are all in 192.168.1.* IP range), it does not work any more.


Kodi's Debug info:


2021-08-06 23:06:59.045 T:32097 DEBUG <general>: NFS: Context for not open - get a new context.
2021-08-06 23:07:04.061 T:32097 ERROR <general>: NFS: Failed to mount nfs share: /volumeUSB5/usbshare (mount_cb: command timed out)
2021-08-06 23:07:04.061 T:32097 ERROR <general>: GetDirectory - Error getting nfs://
2021-08-06 23:07:04.061 T:32097 ERROR <general>: CGUIDialogFileBrowser::GetDirectory(nfs:// failed

Level 2
Connection resumed after I restart NFS service from NAS. All good.