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Long Delay loading Webpages

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Today my web browsing on any site including TPG web pages is taking a very long time to connect to then load. I don't seem to have any problems watching STAN or NETFLIX. I have two PCs and a few Laptops here as well as smart TV and all are having problems loading web pages.


I have turned off the modem for 5 minutes and checked if any network cable was not plugged in correctly then turned the modem back on, and I am still having this problem.


I tried the TPG speed test and it says my NBN 100 download speed is 0.6 and upload speed is about 35.0. I dont understand how I can stream STAN in 4K but only see a 0.6 download speed.


More tests on the TPG speed tester report socket error on the upload test.


I have an Unlimited 100 XXL plan, I can not imagine I have been speed capped, but it sure looks like to me. Service Status page at the moment doesn't show any faults in my area.


What can be wrong.



Level 3

Found the issue. Bullguard Internet Security seems to have a buggy update. With the virus checker uninstalled all netowrk speeds are normal. Bullguard support are working on a fix.


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Hi @skozzy good to hear you've sorted it, with regards to the socket error during upload test on the TPG speedtest, I've found that clearing the internet cache / temporary internet files fixes that.

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