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Loss of connection FTTC

Level 2
Hi guys

I have an issue which only occurs when I have a power outage
I’m using NBN FTTC and whenever we have a power interruption or I unplug the nbn modem it takes over a day for it to reconnect to the NBN
Our wifi seems to be connected fine but there is a blue and red light on the NBN modem itself
Every time I get through to Tpg the always have to Get NBn involved. Even then it takes a day or two for someone to even look at it. By the time they do come the internet works again.

Can anyone help me explain what happens. We are running a takeaway business and lose a whole days worth of online orders and delivery service orders

Thank you
Level 15

Hi @lemak1234 . If the second light on FTTC box is red, it means the box is not sending power to the DPU under the footpath. After switching on, the light should be solid blue in a few minutes. Check or replace the phone cable from box to wall socket. If it is an old style wall socket, check that the wires inside are secure. No corrosion on the pins.

Is the wall socket that's being used the only one in the shop?

Does the phone cable go straight to DPU or might there be another connection in the middle?

If the second light is not a steady blue, there might be a problem with the box itself or the DPU.