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Low speed

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During the last two weeks I have been having some issues with my internet.

Basically, I cannot acess any content on internet withou wait some minutes to buffer. I use basically the WiFi connection and just the modem are connected to the wall socket.

Even connecting just one device, I cannot do simple things, like watch a video on YouTube.

I’ve performed the speed test and my results were 12,7 mbs for downloads and 0,9 for uploads.

Is there anyone here with the same problem? Do you have any suggestion or advices for this situation? Pls

Tks in advance
Best regards
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Just one more information....the lights of the modem (internet and wlan) are constantly flashing since I notice this problem. It can not present a constant light for more than 10 seconds.

I tried to disconnect and connect the modem, but no changes.


Hi @Nayatoguia,


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Do you still experience the same issue?


We made a helpful articles for you please visit this thread: Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home

Let me know should you require further assistance.


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