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NBN issue

Level 2

I am very frustrated. I was connected last week to the FTTN NBN service with the Archer VR1600v Modem/Router.


My TV is connected to a stand alone PC running Kodi which in turn is connected to a Synology NAS. This has operated perfectly for around 2 years.


Since connecting to the Archer router, I am unable to connect to the NAS. No settings etc. have been changed - the only thing different is the Archer router.


I have tried every possible solution that I can think of and exhaustively searched for a solution online with no success.


I have created a Vitual Server for the NAS and reserved IP addresses for the NAS and for the external PC.


Everything else works perfectly. I can connect from my laptop, my main desktop PC, my XBox One, my IPad and my mobile phone. The only issue is talking to the NAS.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Level 7

Hi @Pinky300 sounds like you've done what's needed, is the Synology NAS being accessed as a media server or a network share? as in samba or workgroup?

Level 2

Thanks for your reply.


The NAS is accessed as a network share - Samba.

Level 7

Are you not able to access the NAS from any device or just the PC running KODI?