Mesh Network

Level 2

Hi All,


I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a mesh network that can be easily configured to connect to the Archer VR1600v. Currently I am using the FTTB service. I am having some range issues and was considering changing to a mesh network. I haven't used one before so I was wanting to get feedback from others and find out which can be easily integrated with the TPG router.

Level 15

Hi @jamesmc10 . Any mesh unit should work with VR1600. The mesh main unit connects to VR1600 LAN port.

If you use the VOIP phone function, the VR1600 operates in normal mode as it does now and the mesh unit operates as an access point to improve wifi coverage.

If you don't use VOIP, you have the option to put the VR1600 into bridge mode and use the mesh as a standard wifi router with all its functions usable.

Considerations are 2 pack or 3 pack for the size of your house, other things it can do (eg. voice control, play music), and price.