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Microsoft Teams not connecting

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Just moved to a new house and our ISP shipped us a TPlink modem to be able to connect to NBN


Firmware Version:2.0.0 0.9 v603c.0 Build 210420 Rel.44185n Hardware Version:VX420-G2h v1 00000000


The issue we are having is that we are not able to connect to calls using Microsoft Teams app on a windows PC.


Tried connecting via other ISPs and even mobile hotspots and everything works fine so the issue only happens when we connect using the TPlink router.

Had a detailed discussion with our ISP (Internode) and were advised that the issue might be with the TPlink modem.

Can someone please help?


Hi @varunmalhotra24 . If Internode is your ISP, only they can fix it.

You say you have the G2h router, are you using its 4G wireless broadband connection or a normal cable connection?