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Miss provisioned NBN service still have to wait

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After waiting for NBN for so many years and placing my pre-order for NBN 50 in April this year  for May provision date to only see it bounce out and out which is of no fault of TPG. Finally Dec 21st 2018 came and i was informed that i had to still wait for TPG and NBN to sort out the provision i was looking at an install date of after Christmas. I requested the self install kit for FTTC which would speed stuff up. The pack cam on the 3rd of Jan and I installed the equipment and waited, only took about 10 mins and i have Internet. I check the speed and it was the same as the ADSL 2+ i had but it began to speed up until it reached 12mbps at which it stopped. I left it a while and tested again still 12mbps so i called the technical people and after being bounced around a bit i spoek with someone and they told me it would take around a further 24hrs as it was with NBN to open up the full 50mbps speed. 


This afternoon i followed up again as there was no change in the speed i was still on 12mbps, again bounced around a few people but it was identified I had been provisioned with the standard 12mbps package not what I ordered back in April 2018. I was then bounced to the team that should have been able to upgrade my package to what I had originally order, you would think. Nah wrong after speaking with then they said i could upgrade to the NBN50 package no problem but i had to call back on tomorrow to place the order,What!!! I then asked her to explain why, why should i call back when you have provisioned the service incorrectly, and why i had to wait until Monday for TPG to correct their mistake? Reluctantly she said it would be done tomorrow but she took no details from me until i challenged and gave her the original order number. Details where exchanged and when I questioned the cost would i be charged again she didn't seem 100% sure.


So TPG please can someone sort out my issue, provision the service I requested in April with my pre-order of NBN50, confirm that you wont be billing me twice this month. TPG Own it please.

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I fear you won't have much luck expecting TPG to own their mistakes.


I've had a moderator on here desperately trying in vein to delete my posts faster than I can repost them - initially because I offered constructive criticism about the way TPG mishandles customers who want to cancel their accounts.


Basically their view on things is that its all your fault until undeniably proven otherwise. And that proof does not include whatever they can clearly see on your file, unless you can acquire this information and threaten to.........use it wisely.


I imagine there's a moderator who I shall not name (because he knows who he is), who is about to jump on this post and delete as spam.

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I just want the service i requested to be provisioned and dont want to have to wait for a further period. Then to be charged again and have to wait for a refund on the difference. Just want a fare go.
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@finchyboyz wrote:
Then to be charged again and have to wait for a refund on the difference.

I'd bet my bitcoins that this is what will happen unfortunately. Either that or you'll just wait even longer and they'll credit your account with what you've already paid. That's assuming that they know what they're doing, of course.

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so my faith has been restored in TPG well done guys not sure how it all happened given the user experience yesterday. I received confirmation this morning at 8:04 am that the order had been placed to change my plan, at 10:11 am an email confirmation that my plan upgrade was completed. When i did i test it confirmed the plan speed as i had originally requested.


Well Done guys and thank you, happy kids quiet life for dad Smiley Happy


Hi @,finchyboyz


Welcome to the community!


I apologise for delayed response. I was able to locate your account using your community details and seen  that one of our Account Specialists handled your request and made the changes on your account.


Let me know should you require further assistance.


We apologise for any inconvenience.