Missing Emails

Level 3


I have been made aware that emails sent to me from two different source have not arrive at my in box or the TPG internet post office. One istance the person telephone me asking why I have not answered.

The other is from the golf club that I belong to and they have sent me a log of recent emails sent from them to my account, I notice that possibly 75% did not arrive.

Any help would be appreciated

Level 14

Hi @Gregory10 .

Check in Post Office that junk filtering is off and that there are no blocked email addresses.

The person who phoned you and the golf club should check with their email providers for any errors.

You can send an email to postmaster@tpg.com.au with details of several of the most recent emails on the log from the golf club. The TPG mail server may be detecting errors.

Level 3

Thank You I will check settings and then contact post master