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Modem Keeps Disconnecting


You may respond to the SMS sent by our Engineering team, @PCowan. I also understand that the officer assigned has been trying to get in touch with you, to no avail. 


I would recommend to speak directly with the officer to address your concerns further. Kindly reply as well with your best contact time & number so that another contact will be made. 

Level 2
In the same way I responded to the sms sent last week where I confirmed I'd take time off work to sit and wait for a no show? No Thank you.

And there has been nobody trying to get in touch with me. I have 0 missed calls.

I will send you a private message with my contact number - which will be the third time I have done so.

We understand your frustration @PCowan, we were advised by NBN Co that the visit has been rescheduled due to weather hazard. 


We'll closely monitor your account and update you with the progress. Further details will  be provided once available. 

Level 2
Weather hazard? Was the sky too blue? Not windy enough? Absolute garbage.

I am fed up with the crap from your company. Do you honestly think I'm so stupid that I'll continually let you fob me off?

Give me an email address to which I can send an invoice for my time. I am out of pocket the week before Christmas because of your company and its utter bull**.