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If i turn my modem off and then back on it takes around 20 minutes for the internet to come back on. Is this normal? The modem? Or the connection?
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Hi @jasonsarah77 Which model modem are you using and what sort of service are you on? As in Nbn fttn VDSL2, Nbn HFC, or ADSL2+. It's quite normal for VDSL2 services to take up to about 4-5 minites to poll and authenticate a link, a noisy line will take even longer however 20 mins seems excessive.


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20 minutes is a very long time for the modem to re-communicate with the server. We are unable to tell if it's a fault of the modem or network as we need to perform some troubleshooting and test. Currently, we can detect that the modem has been connected to the internet for more than a week now, which shows a good sign from your modem.

When was the last time you have turned off and on the modem?


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