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My NBN modem has the 4 greenlights power downstream upstream and online. My to link modem has green lights power internet phone 1 and wan. Internet suddenly went out and the Wi-Fi network is not discoverable the yellow cord going between the two devices is plugged into the uni one D1 I note that the light on the uni 1D one connection is orange is this the problem and if so how can you fix it this is a last resort contact and yes I have ricetta Dan turned it off and on again to buy stuff for doing all these Loggins and passwords and writing and typing please help me
Level 11

Depending on the wifi router, there may be a button somewhere (on the top edge or at rear) which activates the wifi function (2.4G and 5G).

The orange light indicates a 10/100 MHz ethernet speed, which is ok, unless it used to be green (1GHz).



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