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I am gonna move to a new place, one question is that can i keep my original plan? I just tried to click "move a home" and it shows that i have to choose a new plan, and there is no choice for the superfast plan (I have checked that the superfast plan is available in my new apartment).  My original superfast plan for 200MBS only cost me $85 each month. So i just want to keep my plan to my new apartment, is that possible or i have to choose $95/per month instead of my original plan? My original address is 551 Swanston st, and the new one is 23 Mackenzie st.


Hi ,


Thanks for writing us. When you lodge a moving home request through our website, you will be asked to choose your plan. Your current plan may not be available on the address as it will depend on the maximum attainable speed. Also, the current price of your plan is exclusive on the address where you live at the moment, original price will apply should you prefer to transfer premises.


If you require an assistance on this, our Moving Home Team can be reached at 1300 865 124. Their office hours are as follows:


Monday - Friday 8am - 9pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 9am - 6pm
Let me know if you need further help.