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Moving to a place where TPG can't provide service

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I have been a TPG customer since October 2018 and was earlier also contracted. In January 2020, I went ahead with NBN connection with TPG since NBN was rolled out in my current residence at Westmead, NSW - 2145. I was advised for an 18 months contract to have the activation fee waived off. However, I did indicate that I would be moving out in the next 6-8 months as I had a house to be built in Gregory Hills as new construction.
The sales staff checked and confirmed that Gregory hills was served by TPG and I would be able to relocate without any relocation fee and continue using the NBN service or if that is not available then ADSL service.
However, when I called yesterday to move my NBN connection, I was advised that neither NBN or ADSL service from TPG is available at the street where my house is located. So it is availbale in the suburb but not the street where my house is located since it is contracted with Opticomm and not NBN.


I was asked to write email to cancellation team to explian this and now they have replied back asking me to shell out 165$ as ear;ly termination fee.


I am not happy since I am not at fault here since TPG cannot provide service in my street. TPG provides service in the Gregory Hills suburb but not in specific areas within the suburb of Gregory Hills. I was not made aware of this fact even at the time going ahead with 18 month contract since I was informed that Gregory Hills was served by TPG. It is not my fault if TPG cannot provide the service and also the fact that I went into a contract of 18 months with the advice that TPG connection was available in Gregory Hills.


Further you are asking me to pay 165$ when it is stated in your own website the below:


Moving Home special case:

If you are applying to relocate your current Internet service to a new location where your current service is not available, you have 3 options:

  1. Choose any of the available services (Broadband Off Net, ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+ or ADSL2+ Home Bundle). Applicable fees and contract term will apply as above.
  2. Cancel your current Internet service (paying out the remainder of your Minimum Contract Term up to $350 (see above for calculation)
  3. During the Minimum Contract Term if TPG determines that we cannot provide any Internet service (Broadband Off-Net, ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+ or ADSL2+ Home Bundle) at the new address/telephone number, your service will be cancelled and remaining portion of the Minimum Contract Term will be charged up to a maximum of $60.

Furthermore, reading through your forum, you waived the Early termination fee for this person who was in the same situation as me wherein you couldn't provide any internet service to their new address either (


I feel like the TPG people I have had correspondence with have their own versions of TPG policies in their head - TPG staff should be consistent. Please advise.


Hi @AJM , 


Welcome to the Community! 


We appreciate you raising this concern to us. 


I did check the link you provided with the same case however there's no indication that a fee has been waived. 


Nevertheless, we'd be glad to have an Accounts Specialist to contact you regarding your concern about the termination fee and to discuss the matter at hand. 


Kindly expect the call otmorrow morning. Should you have a preferred time to receive a call, please do let us know. 




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Hello - I await for the call today. 


As regards to the link shared which you mention there is no indication that fee was waived, it was clearly mentioned that it was waived by TPG but later they sent an email asking for it. Hence, he raised this in forum and he was assured that the sepcialist would get in contact with him to resolve this issue.


Also, you did not choose to respond on the fact that I was falsely misrepresented when to enter into contract for 18 months that TPG works in my new suburb. I had clearly mentioned to the sales person that I would be moving. I am forwarding you a specific extract from the email which I had asked from her specifically to ensure that I am not charged any relocation fee and if NBN is not available then ADSL can be used.


NBN12 HFC SL Bundle $59.99
18 Mos / $10 del fee

***( You do not need to worry about the relocation because TPG will cover the relocation fee for you and will give you the relocation for free, you just need to continue the service on the new location for 18 months under NBN service.
If NBN is not available

    If NBN is not available, you can have the ADSL service with as a new customer with applicable terms.

Do I need to pay the Early termination fee if I do not want to have NBN?

    You can just continue your current contract with NBN with minimum of 6 months on your new ADSL service. TPG will again cover the Early termination fee for you which should not be your problem anymore. You just need to take care of the applicable charges on the ADSL connection as a new customer.

Kind regards,



Mary Gail M. Cueto | TPG Sales Specialist
NBN Consumer Sales
T 02 1314 23 | Ext. 6347
63-65 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 |

TPG Telecom (ASX: TPM)


This clearly indicates the conversation I had which confirms the fact that I was told that if NBN is not available then ADSL would be and you won't be charged early termination fees?


Also, you did not respond as to why a customer should be penalised when he is not at fault and you have technical limitation of not providing the service?


Awaiting your reply and resolution...


Another case where this same issue was raised and it was resolved by you guys -


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Also - checked my TPG account which clearly shows that I am under no contract for NBN. I am not able to post a screenshot here so pasting the details below:


Current PlanNBN Cable Broadband SL Bundle Standard
ContractYou are currently not in contract


To view the Critical Information Summary for your plan, including plan inclusions, charges and terms, please click here.

To change your plan, please click "Go back to your account" and then click "Change your plan"