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My FTTB service keeps dropping out

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My FTTB service in East Melbourne keeps dropping out. I have tried power-cycling the modem, ensuring it is in a cool place, checked the connections, and I use a LAN connection but it still keeps dropping out.


It is happening now approximately every 5 minutes or so, and takes about a minute to re-connect. The "DSL" light goes from solid to blinking, then disappears for a short period, taking with it the "Internet" light.


This has been happening now for a fortnight. Sometimes it is more frequent than others, but it is not usable and is frustrating.


I suspect the modem may be at fault. The modem is a Huawei HG630 (supplied by Wondercom/TPG). Can someone please advise?


Hi @ongatl01,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have escalated the issue to our Engineering Team and they are now working on sending a TPG technician to investigate why the connection is unstable. The technician will bring a modem with him for comparative testing.


The Team is closely monitoring the case and the case engineer will contact you as soon as new updates become available.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.

Level 1b

An update on what has happened so far:

An engineer was due to attend today with a new modem. He called me prior to arriving, asked if I had a new modem, and stated that he did not have a new modem. He informed me that he would be able to get TPG to send out a new modem to me, and that the Huawei modems are being replaced as they are not working as they should.

A TPG call centre person called me this afternoon and informed me that the Engineer had logged that the line is fine. I had to inform him that the Engineer did not attend. The call centre person informed me that they would send me out a test-modem so that I could test the line, and which I could keep but that I would be charged for this modem. He was not able to tell me what kind of modem it would be.


This is exceedingly frustrating.


Hi @ongatl01,



The brand of the modem/router will depend on availability, but, it should be our new supplied modem/router TP-Link VR 1600v


I will pass this to the assigned Engineer for additional reference. We apologise for the inconvenience.



Level 1b
Thank you for that.

I have received my new modem. I have connected it as per the Quick Installation Guide and the Internet light is solid green. I have left it for 30 minutes, and the screen still says that the broadband equipment is waiting to be automatically configured.

I followed the instructions on the screen, and rebooted the modem/router. After 30 minutes the message still remains and I have no internet connection.

Can you please help?

Hi @ongatl01,

I ran initial tests to your connection and it shows it just got connected 17m minutes ago.

Let me know should you require further assistance.



Level 1b
Thanks for that!

That’s because I hooked up the old modem again because I needed the internet.

How long should I realistically wait for the new modem to automatically configure?

Thanks for the confirmation, @ongatl01.


If the new modem/router is not yet getting a connection. You can try to manually configure it's settings


We did an article that will guide you on how to set it up available here.

How to set up your TP-Link VR1600v modem


Let me know how it will go.