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My NBN internet connection is slow

Level 2

My name is Akash
My account is 6749260
My internet is installed just last month, and as per contract I should get minimum 40-50MBPS speed.
But i am just getting 10-12mbps and internet is dropping. your service is getting worst. I shouldn't charge me for giving this **.
The technician who came over to install the NBN said that he need to change the Plate in the communication box but he didn't change because he said that "my job is to install NBN, you have to call TPG to arrange another technician"
And i am trying to call you guys from 15 days now and always no answer from you guys.
I shouldn't to this type of service. I would like to get response from you guys on my contact +61 424 854 852.
Try to book technician and please fix the internet connection at home. And i shouldn't get charge for this as from the first place it didn't work properly!!